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Mizzio18 Digital Marketing Solutions is a Creative Digital Marketing Agency based in Trivandrum, Kerala. We develop Creative Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns and Web & Mobile App Solutions with the help of a team of reputed creative talent and development professionals.

Together we can Identify, Develop and Execute effective digital marketing campaigns.

Build your Digital Presence

Mizzio18 Digital Marketing Solutions helps build and enhance your web and digital presence.

Develop Digital Strategy

Based on your business needs, Mizzio18 Digital develops a digital strategy for your brand.

Digital Communication

We help you design messages and ideas that communicate to your target audience.

Track & Report

We track and report all digital campaigns which help to measure the campaign success.

01/ Website Design
02/ Online Advertisements
03/ Social Media Activities
04/ Emailer/Newsletters
05/ Chat Support
06/ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Mizzio18 Digital designs and develops custom websites for your brand. Setting up a website alone doesn’t help your brand. To deliver real digital results, the website should offer an engaging and dynamic experience to the users. Optimising the website will be key and various technical and onpage SEO guidelines will be followed for implementation which will make the website Search Engine friendly. Usability aspects will also be considered for website design keeping in mind the target audience for the brand.

Mizzio18 Digital helps to manage Online Advertisement campaigns for your brand through Search Engines and Social Media networks. If you are looking for quick results for your brand in terms of Leads Generation or Online Branding, Paid Advertisement (PPC) Campaigns are the best Digital channel to go to. You will start seeing immediate results in terms of customer enquiries, website traffic, social media engagement etc. when the Online Advertisement campaign is rolled out.

Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of Digital Activities. Every brand should have its presence on Social Media and frequent content updates should be managed to engage with the followers of the brand and to keep the word of mouth going. Target audience or existing customers of the brand will be looking to connect with the brand through social media networks and it’s important to manage the brand’s presence in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.

Emailer and Newsletters are important digital activities to connect with your existing customers or to acquire new customers. A well thought out Emailer strategy will re-engage your customer base and trigger repeat purchases. Various promotional activities for your brand can be managed to the database through Emailer and Newsletter activities. While it sounds easy to send out emailer campaigns to your database, it requires an expert team to manage it properly to design & develop templates, execute the campaigns and track the performance.

Chat Support is an integral part of modern day websites. Target customers visiting the website will be looking for quick info and if a Live Chat Support team is available, they can get instant support and quick access to the info they need. Chat Support also helps to capture leads effectively through the website and it can help turn a website visitor to a buyer. Websites and landing pages integrated with chat support have recorded over 30% increase in conversion rate wrt. leads generated.

Every website should be optimised for Search Engines. A set of search engine guidelines should be followed for website implementation. Setting up a website alone doesn’t help you gain targeted visitors to the websites. Mizzio18 Digital helps to implement well thought out SEO strategies for your brand that align with your business goals. Over 200 search engine ranking signals should be followed to optimise each website.

01/ Online Reputation Management
02/ Marketing Automation
03/ Digital Strategy
04/ Content Marketing
05/ Video Editing & Promotions

It’s important for your brand to track and manage your online brand mentions. Mizzio18 Digital offers Online Reputation Management services for its clients.

Mizzio18 Digital helps to implement latest tools and techniques to manage your marketing campaigns. Workflow setup and automation of recurring marketing activities will be key for the digital transformation of your business.

If you are struggling with your digital campaigns and need advice on how to manage effective digital campaigns, Mizzio18 Digital’s experts can assist you.

Mizzio18 Digital offers content marketing services to its clients. Our content team evaluates the possibilities and opportunities for generating content for your business and help prepare content for digital activities.

Video promotions are best suited for digital branding activities. Mizzio18 Digital has a team of expert video editors who can help you create catchy videos for your business.

Why Mizzio18 Digital?

How engaging is your digital story?

For us, the story comes first. Next, we put the technology around the story to Say It and Bring It to the prospective customer in the most impactful manner.

So how are you telling your story? Does it get you the right attention? Does your story travel along with the customer as they re-search, seek and find on the web?

Mizzio18 Digital will devise a set of digital activities to improve your brand presence. To create space for your brand’s voice among the clutter. To make your brand top of the mind in recall.

Mizzio18 Digital. Be seen. Be heard. Be shared.

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